Double breach

Humpback whales broaching.

Photo courtesy of Kristin Anderson

Hump back Whale

(Megaptera novaeangliae)

Humpback whales are seen off Coral Bay between June and October. 

During June and July the animals are to be seen as they migrate north. Later, in October, the mothers and their calves can be seen outside the Ningaloo reef as they proceed south. 

The Humpback whale is easily identified at close range by its knobbly head and long flippers. The black
and white colouration on the underside of the flukes (tail) allows scientists to distinguish and name individuals all
around the world. No two Humpback whales are exactly alike.

The Humpback has twin blowholes typical of all baleen whales. It's blow appearing as a single bushy spout
extending to 3m (10ft) in height.

Subfamily: Megapterinae

Other Names: Hump-backed Whale.

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