Coral Bay - Western Australia


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     Beach in the early morning


Coral Bay is a small settlement that lies protected from the Indian ocean by the Ningaloo reef. It is Australia's only fringing reef . In contrast to other locations the coral starts right at the water's edge. The fish and the coral are very accessible to all including small children. Fish and coral can be experienced either snorkelling or on one of the Coral viewing boats. It is about 50 km to the North of the tropic of Capricorn, some 120 km south of Exmouth in Western Australia. The weather is mild, without the humidity that is often associated with tropical climates. It comprises a resort hotel, two caravan parks and about 20 houses. It is a holiday destination for Western Australians together with some overseas backpackers. Some houses are available for short term holiday rentals. They are often booked well ahead for the school holidays.

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There is excellent fishing outside the marine park area which is directly off the beach.

Snorkelling, Scuba,  and Kayak tours are available as is lying on the beach in the sun.


You won't often see a kangaroo in the water but this one is special.
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Whale sharks come to the area between March and June. The largest fish in the world, they can grow to 14 meters in length They are filter feeders that live off plankton and Krill and thus are entirely safe to swim with.

From the months of June to October this area of the coast sees the migration of the Humpback Whales.

There are several operators who organise tours both above and below the waterline

Turtle nesting occurs on local beaches between November and February. The Green, Loggerhead and Hawkesville turtles are often seen in the shallows and by the reef as part of one of the many tours operated locally.

For the evening there are two small restaurants and an hotel where meals are served in an alfresco setting.

 Sunset at Coral Bay